Early South Coast Conservationists: Theodore & Mildred Hoover (5)

Theodore Hoover was determined to make “the Waddell” on the South Coast the future home for himself and Mildred. He purchased the upper part of the valley but when he inquired about the lower half he was disappointed to learn that the owners, the Ocean Shore Investment Co., did not want to sell the property to anybody.

Wife Mildred had never seen “the Wadell” and when Theodore showed his bride thed vibrant canyon and the charming river, she, too, fell in love with the land. Local history and the people who made it come alive fascinated her. She wanted to know everything about the new special place where she resided, and, that led to more research about the entire state, culminating in a book called “Historic Spots in California,” published by Stanford University Press in 1932.

Fifteen years earlier during a wondrous trip to the marvelous Taj Mahal in India, Theodore wasn’t thinking much about northern California–but it was the beginning of a strange relationship between “the Waddell” and the far away architectural gem.

“Tad” was moved by the romantic story behind the Taj Mahal, the jewel that Shah Jehan had built for the love of his life, wife Mumtaz Mahal. The love of Theodore’s life was Mildred and while soaking in the beauty of the Taj Mahal, “Tad” became determined to get the unattainable half of “the Waddell.”

waddell_2.jpg (Photo: The Hoovers learned that Waddell Creek was named after William W. Waddell, who shipped lumber from Waddell’s Wharf (above) at Point Ano Nuevo. According to legend, in 1879, while hunting near the coast, he was attacked by an enraged grizzly bear. Waddell died from injuries sustained during what was described as hand-to-hand combat with the angry bear. Courtesy San Mateo County History Museum at Redwood City).

History Mystery: A 1904 Painting Signed HMB

hello, I own an oil painting given to my great-aunt in 1904 and its signed HMB. I looked all over on the net, and kept getting Half moon bay. Were there artist there that early, if so would they have signed it hmb? Any help would be appreciated.Thanks Sue

Congressman Ron Paul Is “Hot”….


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Oh, by the way, your editor June Morrall is on the left of Cong. Ron Paul and to his right stands longtime friend Burt Blumert. Photo was taken some years ago in San Mateo (by photographer Jerry Koontz).

Early South Coast Conservationist: Theodore Hoover (4)

At some point it became clear to many that Herbert Hoover was destined for greatness. He fulfilled that expectation by becoming a post-World War I international hero and later the 31st president of the United States.

By contrast, brother Theodore’s future appeared more modest, although he did become the dean of the School of Engineering at Stanford and traveled extensively with wife Mildred.

Theodore never had high political ambition but when something caught his fancy he could become willful and tenacious.

By 1898, he was enthralled with the sight of the beautiful Waddell Canyon near the San Mateo-Santa Cruz county line. Describing the stunning natural grandeur, he wrote of the “fern-carpeted redwood forest,” the “polychromic blue Pacific” and the “little Waddell river with its still pools and singing ripples running through the meadowed valley into the wide lagoon…”

The scenery was unforgettable, a setting of incomparable beauty, bursting with energy. “The Waddell” became an indelible image, forever a part of Theodore Hoover’s life.

…to be continued…

Princeton 1940s


After a storm. Standard Oil gas station on right. At one time Standard had a large presence on the Coastside, even doing some refining in Half Moon Bay.

You Are There: Shipwreck of the DeLong at HMB, Dec. 1922 (2)


From the Coastside Comet:

“Realizing the hopelessness of the case, members of the crew have rigged up a cable from a high bluff near the wreck to the De Long and the work of salvaging guns, munitions and valuables has started.

“A.T. Gilcrest of Half Moon Bay returning from the scene of the wreck declares that there was no chance of saving the vessel.

“Pumps are keeping the water from advancing as the crew rushed the salvage work.

“Despite the fact that the engine room is flooded and that there is more than six feet of water in the stern much valuable property is being saved.

“The De Long still stands upright and has not commenced to break- up….unexplained trick of fate the destroyed plowed over two rock reefs undamaged and went high and dry on nthe beach within a stone’s throw of dry land. Big breakers sweep towards her from the rear, but the wrecked war vessel is clear of the pounding surf.”