Outside The San Benito House, HMB–1970s

OutsideSBHouse.jpg Stepping outside of the San Benito House in the 1970s.


(Center Photo) In an earlier life the San Benito was known as the Moscone Hotel.SB 2.jpg(Photo Below, right) In the 1970s the San Benito House underwent a major facelift.



Recognize this scene?

And across the street, where the main HMB Post Office used to stand (the flat-roofed yellowish building). And that’s Denise Steele, former owner of Paradise Lost & Found, posting a letter. Both photos, 1970s.


Adobes in Half Moon Bay


Location of the original 5 adobes (Vasquez and four belonging to the Miramontes family) in downtown Half Moon Bay (first called San Benito, then Spanishtown before becoming HMB).

Courtesy San Mateo County History Museum. Visit the museum at the historic Redwood City Courthouse.

Remember Santana’s?

In the 1970’s Santana’s, off Main Street and next door to the Half Moon Bay Inn was a popular Mexican restaurant. On any night of the week you were sure to see friends there.
Above: Long ago restaurant owner, Mr. Santana, gave me this colorful photo of himself. I’m happy to be able to use it now.

Below:Mr. Santana poses in the kitchen.

Our Creative Coastside Baldwins

Thirty years ago Terry Baldwin (now longtime owner, along with talented wife, Eve, of the luxurious Mill Rose Inn, surrounded by lush rose gardens in Half Moon Bay–to die for) was planting up a storm at the magician’s house (the Channing & Corri Pollock home) overlooking the glorious Pacific in Moss Beach.


Missing Bev

I went to Cunha’s in town yesterday and bought a steak–Burt grilled it, really great. But no Bev. Not the same when Bev’s not there.


(Photo is of the original Cunha’s Country Store on Main Street)

Farmer of the Year: Ron Bongard

The Farm Bureau has named Ron Bongard “Farmer of the Year”

Ron’s nursery is located on Hwy 92, north side, a mile or so from the historic town of Half Moon Bay. Bongard’s Treescape Nursery is a fun place to visit–be sure to see the giant palms and other really big plants in the greenhouse.

Congratulations, Ron!