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Is there a new "class of commercials" on TV?

By June Morrall I was watching a 1983 movie called Blue Thunder on the Sleuth channel when it was time to take a commercial break. You may know that soon after 9/11, the  trade magazines talked about a new kind … Continue reading

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Tom Andersen sends "Oh, No!" News

From Tom Andersen Email Tom ( Hi June, Just received this via e-mail from Michael O’Neill, music director for Cetrella: Well folks, It’s the end of an era. The music at Cetrella will come to an indefinite ending after this … Continue reading

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$$$Not Good

I was watching an MSNBC news program last week when one of the guests hinted at other possible “big” financial surprises to come in the first quarter of 2009. I added the journalist’s  cautionary “possible,” but when I pursued the … Continue reading

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Outside the Francis Bros. Store….Main Street, HMB

When pugilism was big, all the kids practiced on Main Street.

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Martin's Beach: So funky-chic, we all wanted to live there. Now, Realtor Carole Delmar Confirms that Martin's Beach has officially SOLD.

Story/Mural Photos by Carole Delmar Email Carole [] Hi June, Did you know that Martin’s Beach has sold? The sign on the highway is painted over and I’d wish I would have taken a photo before it was gone forever. … Continue reading

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Coastside Kayaking…

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Tom Andersen: When it comes to singing the blues, Margie Baker's "the one" Enjoy her performance Friday, Jan 2 at Cetrella Restaurant, HMB

Story by Tom Andersen Email Tom ( Hello June, We put up our holiday lights on our deck railing, a 7′ diameter circle of clear lights, with a 4′ colored light star in the center, a giant “O”. We’ll leave … Continue reading

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Calara Valley, Pacifica

I think Calara Valley is in Vallemar, an Ocean Shore Railroad subdivision. Yes, those are cows you see and not a bucolic scene with Ocean Shore Railroad cars grazing.

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1872: Not a "Ponzi" But a SCAM: diamonds grow on trees, you know

San Francisco History: The Great Diamond Hoax of 1872 To read more, please click here and here Asbury Harpending wrote “The Great Diamond Hoax.” I wonder why Hollywood hasn’t done something with The Great Diamond Hoax, a true story of … Continue reading

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Dec. 28,1887: Stormy Weather

December 28, 1887 “A Halfmoon Bay Building Crushed in. “A severe windstorm set in about 10 o’clock last night and increased in force during this morning. The Centennial flag pole, erected in 1876, was blown down, falling across the Ames … Continue reading

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