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You Say 'Poetayto' and I Say 'Potahto'….

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Call-out for Jack King…..

[Image: If you are wondering who the hand on Jack’s left shoulder belongs to: it’s Janice’s hand, Jack’s girlfriend.] The last time I saw Jack King was at the hardware store in El Granada, when Tom Andersen owned it. That … Continue reading

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Hotel with Tree, Mill & Main…HMB

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How many people can say they were born at Miramar Beach? Happy B-Day Marika!

Dear friends & family, Today is my daughter Marika’s birthday & I thought you would enjoy the little e-card that I sent to her this morning. We concluded the beautiful day (above) this last Saturday by kayaking and rollicking and … Continue reading

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Farmers on the endangered list? Who Will Grow Our Food?

[In the image below, Mr. Eugene Pardini’s uncle farms the land, decades ago, near El Granada and the traffic light at Highway 1 and Capistrano Road.] Today I watched a youtube featuring an interview with well known, successful investor Jim … Continue reading

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Just Michael Parkes: An Upbeat Reason to Visit Montara-by-the-Sea

The Borsini-Burr Gallery (1.877.712.2111/ or, for the website, please click here ) has invited master painter, sculptor & llithographer Michael Parkes to Montara-by-the-Sea the weekend of November 7, 8, 9. Three days he’s going to be on the Coastside, visiting … Continue reading

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It's Your Money!…… "And I want it NOW."

That’s what the shrieking voices say on tv. If anybody owed you money–or if you have a financial claim (trust fund, lottery or sweepstakes winner) wouldn’t you want it NOW? Rather than later. Even if it amounts to a discount, … Continue reading

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Cacti w/ Orange "Flowers"

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The Wongs Superfine Road Trip…By Deb Wong

Story by Deb Wong Hi June, We wish we could have spent another week, but had a lot of pressing appointments & obligations to get back to (you know how it is).¬†¬†Here is a link to some of our photos: … Continue reading

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The GPS Took The Wongs (Deb & Michael) On A Roadtrip Back to the Coastside

Need an image of your favorite Coastside beach or lighthouse (Pigeon Point or Montara Fog Signal?) I love Michael’s pre-golf ball shot of Pillar Point. The Wongs enjoy meeting the customers and they are so very helpful and respectful….Visit them … Continue reading

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