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Moss Beach Rock

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The History of Roller Hockey on the Coastside by Joel Farbstein

The History of Roller Hockey on the Coastside Story by Joel Farbstein Email Joel ( Roller hockey has thrived on the coast since 1992, when the Northern California Hockey League (NCHL), part of the non-profit CYA, began play at the … Continue reading

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Dear Friends, Filmmaker friend Mark Fraser & I (Michael Powers) have now returned from

a most remarkable month of sea kayaking, mountain climbing & photo/filmmaking adventures in the beautiful Land of the Vikings – a tough, thankless job, but somebody’s gotta do it. PS: The reindeer antler you see above in the Svalbard Islands, … Continue reading

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All Around Us

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Remembering Bryant Wollman (1947-2008) by Michaele Benedict

Remembering Bryant Wollman By Michaele Benedict Bryant Wollman said he didn’t much like reading about himself, especially on the Internet, but he forgave my mentioning him in a story about Farmers Feed, our old 1970s food club, because he said … Continue reading

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1970s: Rossah "the bellydancer" Remembers the Coastside

Hi June, You may or may not remember me.  I was living on the coast from 1972-1975.  Lived around the corner from Michael Powers, who had the same birthday as me, in front of the Film School at 16 Alameda … Continue reading

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Michael Powers Explains 'Big Foot'

Story by Michael Powers. Photo by Frank Jacobsen Dear friend & family, I’m safely back home in California after our truly extraordinary adventure up in the Arctic Svalbard archipelago 500 miles north of continental Norway. I’ll send you some of … Continue reading

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21st Century Garden by Leon

21st Garden by Leon Kunke

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In 1904 Edith Wharton Wrote "Italian Villas & Their Gardens." Maxfield Parrish Illustrated

Rizzoli has reissued the original book Italian Villas and Their Gardens by famous East Coast writer Edith Wharton; inside there are pretty garden images by artist Maxfield Parrish, who adds his trademark magic to the illustrations from more than a … Continue reading

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Summer Reading: 1912: County Witnesses Royal Wedding (The End)

From my “Over the Hill” series. Adeline Easton, Jennie’s grandmother, wore a lavender satin brocade gown and a matching lavender bonnet. She was accompanied by Templeton’s wife, Helene Irwin, attired in a turquoise satin gown with an ecru lace overdress … Continue reading

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