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Other Work VI: "Pete's Cafe" A Novella by Erich Viktor von Neff

The following novella was written by Erich Viktor von Neff. The author dedicates “Pete Cafe” to his dear friend Dan Durigan, now deceased, former longshoreman and owner of Durigano’s Nursery in Pescadero. Pete’s Café Somewhere Near the Great Khan In … Continue reading

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…Red and Green…

(Photo by Leon Kunke)

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1970s: Me and Miss Lial

(Miss Lial’s house.) To read more about Miss Lial, click here

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Keep Up with John Vonderlin's South Coast Adventures

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….Below Cost….

(R. Guy Smith photo)

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St. Seraphims Hermitage: Home to the Russian Nuns…

Once known as the Moss Beach Club, this one-story wooden building was a popular gathering place, owned by the well known Angelo Martini family of Moss Beach, who later sold it to the Russian Nuns. Today the Russian Orthodox Monastery, … Continue reading

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Now we know who lived in the El Granada Bathhouse during Prohibition…

The Bathhouse at El Granada beach was built during the Ocean Shore Railroad era, in anticipation of serving beach-going visitors, but when the iron road failed, the Bathhouse became home for the Mearini family. This is the first I’d heard … Continue reading

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I ran this photo in an earlier post. On the right stands Dante Dianda, the “Artichoke King” whose ranch was located in El Granada. But I did not know who the man beside him was. The photo was given to … Continue reading

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Ocean Shore Railroad's "Yard" at Granada

The “yard” at Granada may have served as a third Ocean Shore Railroad station. The other two were located at North Granada, where the much remodeled building still stands, and in central Granada, now a private residence, which was moved … Continue reading

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Ocean Shore Railroad El Granada: Which House was the Wiegels?

This is the bottom of page 142 where two photos of homes are displayed. Which one belonged to J. Mason Wiegel? In 1979, after publication of “Half Moon Bay Memories: The Coastside’s Colorful Past,” I received this letter from J. … Continue reading

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