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Walking Along the Seashore….In My Shoes…

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Don’t these folks look really small? And the rocks really big?

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Dear John

Dear John, Yes, there were two restaurants. “Frank’s” in Moss Beach, overlooked the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, the beautiful reefs you speak of. The other was pink in color and stood a mile or so from the foot of “Devil’s Slide,” … Continue reading

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Dear June

I stumbled on your web site yesterday and greatly enjoyed many of your pieces about the Half Moon Bay area and it’s history. As a young boy I spent a great deal of time at the airport while my dad … Continue reading

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Hotels in Outer Space & Phil Salin & the Rocket Co. in RWC

I am a big believer in outer space as the next real frontier. And I notice that billionaire businessman Robert Bigelow (see his website at is investing in a real hotel in outer space–as well as other space “widgets.” … Continue reading

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Why? Why? Why?

Why is it that everything that makes the Coastside “the Coastside”–the place that is (and has been) so different from other places….Why is it that everything that makes the Coastside unique has to go? I am reminded of the giant … Continue reading

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That’s me–sipping coffee in the magician and his wife’s comfy waterbed….in the Moss Beach house…photo by Sunset magazine to show off the beautiful wood cabinetry and “pull-out” bed tray. Cool. Late 1970s.

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Michael Powers Plays In His New Dome (1970s)

Where did this come from? Not very clear, is it–but you get the idea…I had old 8mm film transferred onto DVDs but I have a mac and it turned out that the dvd was not supported by my video software. … Continue reading

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In 1987 "Something" Happened Out There….

But what?

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