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Eeewwwww……Dr. Frankenstein's Jar of…..Eeewwwwwwwwww

The jar of eyeballs only comes out on Halloween.

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Purple Feathers

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Dancing With WWII R&R Patients (Soldiers)

at the famous Mills Estate in Millbrae, California.

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Guests At My 1970s Wedding

Jim Rafferty & Ellen Deering Note: They gave up smoking right after the wedding…I know…

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Map Of The Coastside Ranchos..

Hope the image isn’t too tiny–you can always go to the San Mateo County History Museum in Redwood City and look at the same map of a much larger size…

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Rizzoli Has Only One Bookstore Left In The U.S.–

And it’s in New York City, Manhattan…They’ve got such great art books and more….

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Addendum to–Coastside Cave Sheltered The Outlaw Pomponio

(Photo: Pablo Vasquez, son of Tiburcio, original grantee to the Corral de Tierra, the land grand stretching from Miramar to Half Moon Bay, often told the story of Pomponio.) At about the time Pomponio was jailed and executed (1824), California … Continue reading

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"The Queen": A Movie Review By Burt Blumert

The commute over Devil’s Slide was uneventful but I still sighed with relief as I pulled into the garage and shut down the engine. The fog was rolling in, Pumpkin days were behind us, and it was good to be … Continue reading

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A Coastside Cave Sheltered The Outlaw Pomponio: Part V: Conclusion

The end came in the form of a woman scorned. A beautiful Indian girl claimed Pomponio and two of his friends had kidnapped her, leaving her to guard the horses while they visited the native quarters at Mission Dolores. Most … Continue reading

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A Coastside Cave Sheltered The Outlaw Pomponio: Part IV

The frustrated soldiers waited in vain for the rebels to strike but the attack never came. Infuriated, they frantically renewed their hunt and Pomponio withdrew to the safety of the cave at the headwaters of Pomponio Creek, south of San … Continue reading

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