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Local Character "Billy the Kid"

was a competitive foot racer who kept in shape by running up to the top of Devil’s Slide and back everyday. That’s Devil’s Slide in the back of this amazing photo, taken when? I don’t know, early 20th century? Photo … Continue reading

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The Chalkboard Man

In 1975 one of the more colorful characters that lived at Princeton-by-the-Sea– drat! I can’t remember his name or his face—but I do remember what he did—I guess, in his search for spirituality. He stopped talking; he stopped communicating verbally. … Continue reading

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A Friend of Sharon Zugay Writes

Dear June, I happened upon your Archive 7-06 piece on Sharon Zugay. Thank you. Sharon is very special to me, though I was not there with her at the time of her transition. We dated in high school and met … Continue reading

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Marion & Bill Miramontes Interview (1980) Part II

Bill Miramontes: My father–being that he worked on the highway–used to commute from Half Moon Bay to Pedro Valley on the Ocean Shore. On holidays, or Sundays, he didn’t work so he’d take me with him to San Francisco. Bill: … Continue reading

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"Castles By The Sea" House Tour 1970s

1. The Collins’ home displays the beauty of trees shading and an outstanding ocean view. The floor-to-ceiling entrance hall introduces one to a scene of spacious living. The three skylights erxtend the feeling to all areas of the home. 2. … Continue reading

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I Hear From Ocean Shore RR Historian John Schmale

“Rudy” Brandt A while back I posted a three-part short history of the Ocean Shore Railroad based on a 1980 interview I did with the colorful Ocean Shore Railroad historian, Randolph “Rudy” Brandt (his father had been an original investor … Continue reading

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A Report From the World's Smallest Political Machine, El Granada Sanitary District,1971

“Notes from an El Granada Attic From a sheaf of roughly typed yellowing pages–reportedly from an El Granada attic in the 1970’s. The typist is not identified. The entries are undated. Henry Dunn came by the house on Saturday and … Continue reading

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I Hear From Maria Demarest, The Photographer

Photo: Playing in the flower fields of Half Moon Bay, 1970s: Maria Demarest with daughter Marika. Aloha June! It’s me…Maria. Just got back from the coast to photography Noel’s wedding (Pat and Juliet Powers’s daughter. Remember Little Marika – she’s … Continue reading

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Marion & Bill Miramontes Interview (1980) Part I

The Miramontes-Gonzales Family celebrating a family anniversary on Main Street, Half Moon Bay, mid-19th century* In 1980 I interviewed Marion and Bill Miramontes for the documentary “The Mystery of Half Moon Bay.â€? Marion had been the town’s first telephone operator … Continue reading

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If you watch Deadwood on HBO, have you ever marveled at how the

colorful dialogue is produced for all the characters? How is it done? Who can figure out the scenes with multiple, complex characters as well as what they are saying? Today I learned that the brilliant writer David Milch goes into … Continue reading

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