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This Morning: I Love It When It Rains On The Coastside

Especially when it rains during the day, when I can see and enjoy it–if I’m inside, of course….but when it rains overnight I like to wake up to a shower I can hear pounding on the roof until it puts … Continue reading

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Correspondent's Report From Hell (The Heated Kind)

Yesterday, Sunday, one of the hottest days EVER, Burt and I went to watch the Giants play the San Diego Padres. We were taking friends from Boston (HUGE Red Sox fans) to see the new (for them) ball park and … Continue reading

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Rainy Rain

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Magnificent Sky: El Granada Morning

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Surfing Alert/Breakwater at El Granada Beach

Photo is of John Morrall, at left and Chuck Bodin, at right. At about 9:30 a.m., Sunday morning, the waves are about 2-3 feet, waist to shoulder, “fair”. (Click on image to enlarge)

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Surfing Alert

All the places are closed out (too windy) on the Coastside–except El Granada Beach and that’s where the action is. Looked like the waves were being blown away to me—but still a beautiful, vibrant blue day.

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Let's Play A Game!

Can you Find the Sunset?

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Could It Get Any Better?

The weather today in El Granada It’s as warm as it looks–and it’s mid-November, folks!

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Too Too Gorgeous to Work

November in El Granada: Enjoy the warm weather.  Is that a foghorn I hear? I hope not.

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10:35 AM: Drizzle Drizzle Drizzle

You know I love it!

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