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John Vonderlin: What Happened to the Power House?

From: John Vonderlin Email John ( Hi June, This ad from the January 3, 1906 issue of “The Call,” would seem to indicate that Shore Acres, the first subdivision in Balboa City, was sold out in 28 days. The ad … Continue reading

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John Vonderlin: Old Real Estate Ads…..and More

——– Shore Acres was also a play, produced in the 1892s. Here’s John Vonderlin’s summary of “Shore Acres.” SHORE ACRES a play in three acts by James A. Herne First performed in 1892 This analysis of Shore Acres was originally … Continue reading

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If Miramar Beach had been called Amesport, this is what the founder, Judge Ames

looked like. Ames was there before the railroad; he had his eye on trade by sea and built a pier and warehouse.

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Michael Powers: Miramar's Tsunami Ranger floats on Cape Flattery

Michael Powers announces his return from his latest adventure in the Far NorthWest. Cape Flattery Where the Strait of Juan de Fuca empties into the Pacific Ocean —————— Powers returns to the unusual home he almost-single-handedly built on the shores … Continue reading

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In the 1970s a Giant Redwood Log Landed on the Shores of Miramar Beach

(Image: The Michael Powers homestead in Miramar Beach, with the huge redwood log in front. Photo by Michael Powers.) In the late 1970s, Princeton shipbuilder Manuel Senteio, arrived at Miramar Beach, driving his crane to move a 20-foot-long, 3000 pound … Continue reading

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Coastside WWII: Camp Miramar

When I first landed on the Coastside, and became intrigued with local history, I met with Louie Miguel, whose father, Joseph, was one of the masterminds behind the spectacular Palace Miramar Hotel. Louie offered good background info and also talked … Continue reading

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Will Success Spoil the Miramar Beach Bohemians?

You decide…. Click on the photos to see a much bigger picture! L-R: Nani’s son Ivan, Michael Powers‘ daughter Marika, Michael Powers & his wife Nani! ———- A few weeks ago I saw this fancy car in front of the … Continue reading

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Tsunami Rangers Party On in Miramar

Burt and I arrived at the party feeling a little blue but we left feeling great. Watch the video below; you’ll see why. Music was provided by the South City Blues Band & Miramar vocalist Susan Pate. Click on mikepowersparty … Continue reading

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1960s Moss Beach: County Purchased Property Near Reef Point

County to Purchase Beach Property Near Reef Point in Moss Beach; To Preserve Area for Science Studies From Half Moon Bay Review, 1960s A mile-long stretch of beach front along the reef dotted coastline is being acquired by San Mateo … Continue reading

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1974: Miramar's "Stylish Beachboy Philospher"

  Portrait of photographer Michael Powers, 1974, the year his daughter Marika was born. Photo courtesy Dennis Swenson. Visit Michael’s website:

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